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Saylor Medical Management LLC . is an Practice or Business Management team that provides planning, management, and design services to physicians and other health care providers throughout the Southeast and in many other areas of the country. We offer a wide range of services, each with the objective of providing our clients with a sound basis for making important practice management decisions. We not only work on a project-specific consulting basis, but also frequently act as ongoing business advisers for our clients.

Saylor Medical Management LLC. works with established solo and group practices as well as physicians just completing training. Our approach combines an in-depth understanding of the problems and opportunities within the health care system with technical expertise in management, contracts, economics, finance, managed care, systems, health planning, statistics, demographics, and design. Our business objective is to provide specialized, comprehensive management resources for physicians in private practice and for related healthcare organizations.

SMM LLC. takes pride in offering a wide variety of skills to assist both large and small clients. We are compensated strictly on a fee-only basis that varies for each client per job size.

We have experience in non profit as well. We also have assisted in plenty of non medical business ventures so feel free to ask if we can help out! Contact us at or 561-670-0756.

Some of our most Popular Services:

Website design

Billing Services



Forms and Clinic Set up and Work flow Design


Strategic Planning


Practice Management

Accounting Services (Medical)

Facility Design and Decorating

Non Profit Grant reporting

We also do Speaking Events for organization and practice management and training on ways to make your clinics run smoother.

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